Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Under New Management

At the Dinmore Manor Locomotive LTD (DMLL) AGM on 11th October, the shareholders agreed the proposal to support the formation of a charitable trust to take ownership of 2874. The 2874 Trust will be seeking charitable status in order to benefit from the opportunities that are available to Charities but not to limited companies such as DMLL.

The move is aimed to improve access to funding to restore the loco which is presently in ”ex Barry” condition. The project is seen as important since restoration would make it the only engine of it class with the original design feature of internal steam pipes actually in operation.

The restoration will be undertaken by DMLL at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway’s (GWSR) Toddington works using both DMLL and GWSR volunteers. Following restoration Dinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd will operate the loco on behalf of the Trust.

Dinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd Chairman, Kenneth Sims said “This is an ideal arrangement for us. It will fund 2874's restoration whilst leaving the DMLL organisation free to concentrate its resources on our present locomotive fleet of our flagship loco BR(W) No 7820 Dinmore Manor and GWR Heavy Freight No 3850. Dinmore Manor has only returned to steam in 2014 after a heavy overhaul and 3850 will come due for overhaul in 2015”

The 2874 Trust will be chaired by former GWSR Chairman, Malcolm Temple who said “I am delighted to be asked back by steam enthusiasts to tackle another major challenge. It’s a tremendous project”.

There will be the opportunity for steam enthusiasts, including all our shareholders, to become a member of the Trust and help achieve its aim. See the web site

The Trust also seeks recruits to help with management and fund raising. Contact David Foster at or on 01643 706943.

2874 at her restoration site at Toddington on the Gloucestershire, Warwickshire Railway
Active work has already started on 2874's restoration. The work will of course be something of a background task whilst keeping our flagship loco, 7820 Dinmore Manor running and the heavy overhaul that 3850 will require next year at the end of her 10 year boiler ticket however small steps have already been taken. The cab fittings have been largely removed, leaving the cab ready for lifting off and the rivets securing the boiler have been removed in anticipation of lifting the boiler off of the frames.

There was very little in the cab by way of fittings, the pole reverser being the main item along with some of the sanding gear controls.  Removing those was the primary tasks that needed completing before the cab can be lifted:
Sanding gear controls
The reverser in situ
A lot of the cab floor and drag box suffered from salt air exposure whilst at Barry
Aaron Smith disconnects the reverser rod...
...and Steve Jones levers it out.
The sander mechanism continues under the cab floor
 Meanwhile, Steve Rob has been hard at work removing the rivets holding the boiler in place, both at the smoke box end and the firebox.  Assuming that the rust isn't binding the boiler to the frames so much as to prevent a crane lifting the boiler out, the boiler is pretty much ready to become air borne.
Steve at work at the firebox end
Steve has also done a sterling job in extricating the superheater header and a number of the flue tubes from the boiler:
Removed flue tubes
And finally, a recent photo of 2874 admiring the setting sun.  The future for this wonderful loco has become a bit brighter.
The future's bright for 2874

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